Image by Grant Ritchie

Janel Beidel

Janel has been working over a decade with the most vulnerable population bringing her set of skills and learning the art of healing in both systemic and therapeutic levels. She is a sought after resource of the community with holding positions of director, program improver, social worker, systems changer, and non-profit co-founder, carrying an understanding that by stretching herself she would continue to refine her therapeutic skill. She is a master connector and helps the most insecure or fearful individuals feel at ease. Her style is profound, yet approachable. 


Her desire is for her clients to live their life abundantly to remain true to themselves and their values. She also desires for them to allow the world to experience their authenticity because the world needs the real person to show up. She understands how it can be a wild journey and sometimes very difficult to live authentically. It is important for her clients to know they don’t have to face those times alone.