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Naomi Wright

Throughout Naomi’s career, she has experienced the beauty of one individual walking alongside another in a therapeutic relationship. She has seen and felt the power of being present, and in sharing in the experience of someone else. She is passionate about the hope that comes with the choice to embrace life’s most difficult challenges—to lean in with gentleness, kindness, and grace—knowing that the possibility of a fulfilling life is real. She has committed herself to this reality for not only herself, but for those with whom she has the honor of walking alongside.

Naomi holds a Master of Science in Social Work from the University at Buffalo (Summa Cum Laude), is licensed in the state of Colorado, and is near completion of a Master in Arts in Christian Studies from Denver Seminary. Her areas of speciality include death and dying, grief and loss, and spiritual and religious abuse, including cult abuse.

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Words of Encouragement from Clients and Allies:


Wendy, Client

My pastor suggested I reach out to Naomi when I shared concerns related to my (elderly) mom's new involvement with what seemed to be a fringe religious group that had some political overtones. Naomi was a sensitive and compassionate listener with whom I could easily share. Most importantly, she helped share sound ideas for how to engage with my mom around my concerns. She was very helpful as my family found ourselves in a situation for which we felt unprepared."


Jade, Client

 "I’ve had the privilege of having Naomi help me through what is the hardest decision I’ve had to make: leaving a cult church. Her advice, and just being present with me, has helped me stay sane and centered. For those of you wondering if you should reach out: do. It will be so beneficial and such a relief. I’m so glad I contacted Naomi and I’m very grateful she came alongside me."

Image by Juan Davila