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Our 4 Year Manifesto

Dear God and Master of the Universe, who fills the expansive universe and our very cells.

I ask kindly that there is renewed healing of hope and promise.

I ask that there is a gift of wholeness to every living thing in this new era of US leadership.

I praise you for You and Your capacity for signs, miracles, and wonders. You are able and powerful.

Just as importantly, you have given us your power, capacity for unconditional love and transcendent wisdom to live in discernment and integrity. Kindly move us toward boldness of heart, send us your voice of understanding.

May we be people of goodness, mercy and wisdom to think, speak and act in accordance. May we cherish each other in our smiles, our invitations, and in our acts of generosity. There is no greater source for this than you.

May we release ourselves from being right, and to seek first to understand and to take responsibility.

May we awaken to our misplaced fears and envy, as we shake off the chains that have oppressed us and subsequently others.

Grant each of us courage and stamina to be unceasing in our search for ways we have participated in systems that harm all living things.

Guide us as we thumb our noses at empty social conventions that hold us back from our design, which is to live with choice and voice. Help us to see this with your eyes.

Each of us is a leader of change—whether we are polite and wise with our children and guardians, gracious to those we don’t understand, or holding space while being confronted on our shortcomings.

May we receive this call to leadership.

May we find the underdog and to believe in our capacity to care rightly to bring renewal of hope and victory.

May we be nimble, passionate, eloquent, and loyal to the best outcomes of others in this new era of change. You are capable, God, to help us hold these changes in peace and creativity.

Thank you as always for your patience with me, as I swear quite a lot and am pretty certain this has been a problem (at times).


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