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Warmest greetings to you, brave soul.

For 21 years, making mental health beautiful has been the foundation of my work and advocacy as a psychotherapist, as I believe therapy should be a courageous and delicate becoming. There is a beautiful unknown to therapy that requires courage: you jump into unexplored spaces with the promise of more that is yet to be realized. The incredible hope and excitement of the healing and growth to come is only overshadowed within me by the honor of walking alongside such bravery. Whether we are working to recover pieces you lost to past pain or making changes that heal, my hope is that you recognize in me an advocate who walks this road with you toward your empowered and authentic self.

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Education and Training

My experience in mental health has allowed me to expand into educating and training groups, organizations, and churches with the admirable goal of becoming educated on identifying, addressing, and preventing abuse and trauma within their systems. Through real life stories and concrete data and action steps, clients learn how to spot abuse, confront abuse, and prevent abuse to better protect and advocate for those in their care.

"Mary Ellen is personal, informative and loving as she champions you to be a warrior in your story."
 - Clinical Therapist -

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