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I have been honored by the opportunity to connect internationally with a variety of audiences - young, old, single, married, coupled, parents, teachers, community leaders - in corporate, medical care, ministry, family outreach, organizational and educational settings, who believe that there is unexplored potential for living beyond our experiences and engaging in growth with others one-on-one or in a larger context.


  • Reframing the Sexual Trauma Injury as a Battle, Not a Disorder: Defining the Difference Between PTSD and Complex PTSD

  • 21st Century Parenting

  • Reframing the Sexual Trauma Survivor as a Warrior and other Healing Illustrations

  • Ways to Escape the PAIN Body and Enter the SAFE Body

  • Who Sexually Violates and Why?

  • How to Respond to Everyday Evil

  • The Purpose of Doubt and Anger in the Recovery Process

  • What Parents Need to Teach their Kids about Safe Dating with Safe People

  • Living Beyond the Trauma: At Home Practical Ideas for Comfort and Resiliency

  • Guidance for Parents, Spouses, Family and Faith-Based or Community Leaders to Help Those in Recovery from Sexual Trauma

  • How to Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) - Using the scientifically proven & internationally recognized “Stewards of Children” program developed by Darkness 2 Light or 

  • Motivational Speaking: 3 Ways to Overcome Setbacks

  • PTSD Growth Defined & Applied Today

  • PTSD Growth--Heroes from History & Applications for Today




  • Keynote Address

  • Educational & Professional Conferences

  • Parachurch Organizations and Conferences

  • Leadership and Management Training

  • Motivational Speaking for High School, College, Business Professionals, Leaders in Faith BasedOrganizations, Women’s Events, Ministry and Justice Organizations

  • Workshop Leader for Clinical Mental Health and Community, Justice and Ministry Leaders,

  • Women’s Events, and Education Forums


  • Colorado, Wings (NPO) or adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse; presented for 90 minutes on the profile and psychology of those who sexually offend.

  • Indiana, Keynote Address, Beaman Home (NPO), annual fundraiser for efforts to respond to domestic violence concerns in northwest Indiana, April 2014.

  • Virginia, LIberty University’s Law School, invited by Boz Tchividjian, grandson of Billy Graham, former prosecuting attorney in Florida. Presented on a panel discussion regarding treatment implications for childhood sexual abuse survivors. Presented separately on the need for the legal community to engage the statistics for the validity of sexual abuse and assault crimes, April 2015.

  • Colorado, Eating Disorder Center of Denver, technical Trauma Informed Care training of clinicians who work in clinical and milieu settings, March 2015.

  • Colorado, Street’s Hope, (NPO) outreach and residential program for women who have been sex trafficked, technical Trauma Informed Care training of clinicians and interns who work in clinical and milieu settings, July 2016.

  • Colorado, My Quiet Cave (NPO) specializes in bringing mental health to churches. MQC hosted a panel discussion for students and faculty at Denver Seminary, October 2016 and I was a presenter on the panel for trauma approaches; I also provided this same panel discussion to pastors & church leaders, February 2017.

  • Colorado, My Quiet Cave hosted my two hour presentation on Church Response to Abuse: How to prevent it, detect it and respond to it, October 2017.

  • Colorado, Eastern Hills Mennonite Church presenting on Church Response to Abuse, January 2017.

  • El Salvador, February 2018, presented on the importance of Trauma Informed Care as it pertains to the reality of the health impact of trauma on human capital, especially during a person’s most productive years to the legal, medical and law enforcement leaders in association with Glasswing, Sendas and Mission to El Salvador.

  • El Salvador, February 2018, lead a full day Trauma Informed Care technical training for caregivers, therapists and first responders in association with Glasswing, Sendas and Mission to El Salvador.

  • El Salvador, February 2018, presented on the reality of secondary trauma and how it commonly devolves into Compassion Fatigue and/or Burn-Out. I provided everyday solutions to those who are most at risk serving in remote regions and international missions in association with Sendas, Mission to El Salvador and Missionsake.

Words from Speaking Organizers and Attendees:


Wings Adult Sexual Abuse Symposium Attendee

“Mary Ellen Mann is bringing hope and clarity to the complex and painful issue of healing victims of sexual trauma. Her talk was helpful to me in explaining in simple layman’s terms about predators and their conscience-less manipulation to breakdown and groom their victims. She also gave helpful tips on how to not only recognize the sociopath; but also how to respond to the sociopath and break the trauma bonds.”


John Woods, Former Dean of Students, Denver Seminary

“I had the privilege of hearing Mary Ellen speak at a forum that had speakers telling their stories of sexual abuse and assault and it was more than obvious that she has a comprehension understanding of the topic. Make no mistake in thinking that all professional

counselors can address the topic at a high level because they can’t. Mary Ellen’s understanding of how [sexual] trauma affects the victim and the mindset of the perpetrator will give you and your audience an informative, clear, accurate, practical and top-notch presentation”


Scott Young

We are very grateful that Mary Ellen presented in front of a small gathering of 30 Generation X parents of teens last Friday at Cherry Hills Country Club.  These parents are all walking the same path - how do we properly handle conversations with teens surrounding dating,anxiety,

depression, social media, alcohol, drugs and peer pressure?  Mary Ellen and her team were fantastic at taking us through scenarios and dialogue we have each day with our kids.  We discussed the difference between Intention and Impact, Acceptance and Agreement, Indulgence and Flexibility, and Hurt vs Harm.  It was enlightening to break down these concepts and apply them to actual scenarios with our kids.   We discussed learning the love languages of our kids, the fact that if our kids don’t respect us this breeds entitlement, and how we should provide real world scenarios when describing outcome. Many thanks to Mary Ellen; terrific job.

I speak internationally to varied audiences - organizations, businesses, educators and school districts, churches and spiritual centers, professional clinicians and thera...
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