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From Pain to Power

After working with sexual trauma survivors in my practice, I began to see patterns emerge in both their experiences and their healing. From that, From Pain to Power was born. It braids together three distinct elements—psychology, theology, and survival with eventual thriving restoration. I want survivors and allies to feel welcomed into the journey of reclaiming purpose, vision and vitality.


As a psychotherapist that works directly in the field of trauma, I want to guide but I also want to validate and hold space for each unique story. I define a survivor as a warrior who is embattled because of the priceless value held as a mouthpiece of truth in all its forms. I want survivors to be encouraged in their understanding of a God Who welcomes theirs angst and rage. I'm hopeful that these words also give permission to examine how God’s omnipotence intersects with the free will He gave humans to help or to harm. Within the pages is ample scientific evidence that trauma incurred by sexual violation is an injury to the brain and body, not a disorder. What you have survived makes you strong and courageous - a warrior. My hope is that these words serve to help survivors define their truest selves, and recover what has been lost.

From Pain to Power, overcoming sexual trauma, Mary Ellen Mann

Words from friends about From Pain to Power:


Boz Tchividjian, J.D., Executive Director, GRACE,

From Pain to Power is a beautiful book that brings hope to those who have suffered from the darkness and devastation of sexual violation. Author and counselor, Mary Ellen Mann does a masterful job in describing survivors as Princess Warriors who have suffered the battle against their royal birth and rightful femininity. I highly recommend this book to survivors of sexual violation and those that love and care for them.


Kimba Langas, Executive Director, Free the Girls,

From Pain to Power is a must-read for women across the globe who bear the tumult of sexual violation. The title alone tells a story: to be labeled as both a princess and a warrior is a reflection of preciousness and strength. We must recognize the sacred value of survivors of abuse, while acknowledging and encouraging the power of their voice. This book is a great tool for those who work with survivors to help them stay the course in their healing. You, too, can step into her journey and help her reclaim her life as you learn to restore her value and purpose.


Brooke Wagner, Anchor of Good Day Colorado

In my twenty-three years as a journalist, I’ve encountered all kinds of cases of abuse and objectification. Mary Ellen has written a guide not only for those who’ve been victimized, but for all of us. From Pain to Power is a step-by-step journey of self love, faith, and understanding. It speaks to anyone grappling with doubt and beautifully elevates those who have spent too long blaming the wrong person: themselves.

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