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I have been working in outpatient mental health professionally since 1998, in spaces where my methods and educational background can offer an approach that uses practical interventions rooted in traditional and somatic therapy. Traditional therapy practices leverage the best of one-on-one talk therapy exchanges, while somatic therapy marries the relationship of mind-body connection to a psychological past. My bicoastal education happened at Westmont College and Columbia University, making me a beach-loving urban soul.


I have watched these modalities pave the way for total mind-body recovery, allowing for muscle memory to be reset and far less easily triggered by stress- inducing events. Research says that somatic therapy is done most effectively when a person feels safe, seen and strengthened.


With that in mind, the goal is to cultivate a safe & comforting feeling in the process that storylines and situations that might have caused grave overwhelm are more quickly organized, named, processed, and released. Creating environments where clients are able to quickly identify their feelings allows the knowing required to ultimately create a plan for healing. This grants access to your left brain, which expedites calming the anxiety and creating control over your parasympathetic responses. I love the brain because of its plasticity and ability to heal when given the right neuro-parasympathetic help. Recovery is complex because our stories are beautifully complex, but when there is comprehensive care for the nervous system, the story, and the individual, trauma recovery doesn’t have to be scary or draining.


Using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Meridian Tapping, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, extension movements and multi sensory visualization engages the “calm body” so that the “trauma body” does not continually control your choices. Brainspotting (BSP) is used to dive into the trauma memories so we can activate the “calm body responses” to the triggering events, resulting in a total body release of stored anxiety. Everyday dignity practices like self assessments, journal prompts, and verbalization of strengthening messages are used maintain and protect your growth. I adore that I can do this work and want to provide tangible methods to re-establish the extraordinary, uniquely gifted core self that you were created to be.



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I have been honored by the opportunity to connect internationally with a variety of audiences - young, old, single, married, coupled, parents, teachers, community leaders - in corporate, medical care, ministry, family outreach, organizational and educational settings, who believe that there is unexplored potential for living beyond our experiences and engaging in growth with others one-on-one or in a larger context.


"To defeat the darkness out there, you must defeat the darkness in yourself."
- Narnia -

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