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Mary Ellen Mann

I believe counseling fundamentally needs to be a place that offers you a chance to be known and cared for as you are. This is our launching pad for your voice to be clarified and equipped to better identify emotions and needs so that our tactical plans wisely reflect your true self. The goal with this work is to help you live in congruence with who you really are - which is in fact true freedom. Counseling typically needs to be comforting before it’s corrective. Comforting somatic practices are used to usher in a calm body that experiences deep relief. The calm body encourages a calm and organized mind so that there is a greater acceptance of reality and operation within the truth of what is happening and what is needed. I want you to regain confidence in your gut instinct that tells you how to proceed wisely and in the flow of your values and priorities. Once you can trust yourself and know your value, counseling becomes less necessary. Walking out that process has been the gift of my last 20+ years; that experience is what informs my overwhelming hope and excitement for each client courageous enough to begin this process of unfolding and healing.

My deepest desire is for you to receive the very best outcome that can arise from my endless curiosity on how to unite the evolving neuroscience of trauma research with the emergent wave of body-oriented therapies and traditional mind/body practices. From that, your path rises beyond symptom relief to reconnect with the vital energy of your core self : your true innate worth and your here-and-now presence.

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Words of Encouragement from Clients and Allies:


J- Client

“Mary Ellen is a force. Her innate skillset and experience pierces the darkness to change the foundation and trajectory of human lives. With endless kindness and grace, she walks alongside victims into their new reality as survivors. Her value as a resource and human is immeasurable."


Kelley Gray M.A., L.P.C. LLC, Clinical Intensive Therapist

"Mary Ellen has been one of my most trusted colleagues for 15 years now. Her compassion, strength and brilliance are truly exemplary in our field. Her vast scope of abilities ranges from advocating for powerless, voiceless victims of sexual trauma to empowering high level leaders into even greater personal freedom and integration. To work with her is to receive from one of the most gifted clinicians in Denver." 

- Client


"Mary Ellen has the ability to enter your story in a way that makes you feel seen and heard. Her protectiveness of your pain gives you the strength and feeling of capability to move into new spaces that were previously so far out of reach. She tells the truth, and she does it with such gentleness and strength."

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