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Survivor Resources

Survivors live between the reality of what has happened and the possibility of what is next. This arduous and heroic space deserves expansive support. In a perfect world, survivors are unconditionally protected, held in an implicitly safe space, and surrounded by meaningful, healing, unwavering support.


Sadly, the landscape surrounding survivors rarely mirrors that utopia of healing so I want to share the resources that I have used for decades. The intent is to provide a blend of information, coaching, and hope to those walking the path of healing. These options and ideas facilitate the exploration of what has happened, and help connect those dots to current wounds. To help gain traction on living out new growth, the exercises and guides that are provided also help focus on accomplishing and achieving goals for both present and future.


To all courageous survivors who find themselves here, these resources are all about integration--from the Latin, integrare, which means “to make whole.” May these resources serve as a healing element within your process of reconnection, and a support lighting the way back to your truest self.

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A Survivor

seeks to overcome what has happened in order to re-design

their present and future.


Trauma is

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The transition from victim to Survivor

is dependent on prioritizing a sense of self apart from their history.

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Living as a Survivor

means you are willing to make the hard calls on relationships and circumstances that once took advantage of you.

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Freedom is

wisdom and dignity embodied in the everyday courage of living a life of congruence.

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars."  

Kahlil Gibran

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